Youtube Marketing And Promotion

Youtube Marketing And Promotion

Youtube is the online video sharing platform which is owned by Google and is the second most popular search engine in the world with more than 3 billion active users. During COVID-19 Youtube served as the best platform for business starter. Thousands of people started sharing their videos on Youtube to showcase their talent or create awareness.People gone with YouTube Marketing is the practice of promoting businesses and products on YouTube’s platform, by uploading valuable videos on a  YouTube channel or using YouTube ads like housewife’s has started there cooking channels sharing videos of their recipe and spreading the aroma of their dish across the world through video’s , making the viewer curious to make it. Our young youth showcasing there dance and singing talented and highly appreciated by the public that some got the opportunity to come on the reality shows and some have started their own academy or became a famous youtuber.Many businessman also started sharing videos about their company ,services and importance of these services to reach there targeted audience and there are lot many stories to know.  Videos on YouTube got high rise because YouTube as a platform is growing insanely fast but it’s also because video is an extremely powerful medium. If you compare the emotional impact of a video versus a wall of text there’s really no comparison 90% people prefer watching video rather than reading the text until unless its available in printed form.

Importance of Youtube



Your target audience is on YouTube . Youtube help spread the word about your business and you can reach large number of your targeted user through Youtube.


2. Intent

 Your customers want to find you on YouTube

Contrary to other social media channels where users subconsciously swipe through content, with YouTube the user has an objective in mind. The advantage that you have as a marketer is the ability to step into the shoes of your target audience. Make it easy for your target market to find your brand by thinking of the questions that your customers are asking and addressing them in the title and description of your videos.

3. Engagement

 People would rather watch videos than read

An added benefit of posting video content to YouTube is its syndication. YouTube isn’t the end destination of your content; it’s just the beginning. YouTube makes it extremely easy for your content to be shared with others through other channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, and other websites.

4. Conversion

 YouTube engagement helps you acquire new customers

The math adds up to a positive ROI for your business. YouTube's algorithm is designed to help users find the right video to answer their question, and then keep them engaged and watching. Even better, YouTube supports marketers by providing tools like playlists, cards, and end screens to keep users engaged with your videos. This encourages your YouTube video viewers to become your email subscribers, leads, customers and ultimately, advocates for your brand.


The popularity of YouTube is growing rapidly as now users are turning to it for product and service search .Now a days people are not keen to read large write up articles they look for youtube videos that fufill there purpose , solve there query , easily understanding and short in duration. Users consider this more convenient to search relevant answers in the form of videos and short clips. Web Designing House ( WDH ) provides the best Youtube marketing and promotion services in Faridabad . WDH  bring forth the exclusive YouTube promotion services that have won the hearts of 500+business or non-business individuals who approached us to promote their services or profession.

We are a prominent YouTube marketing and promotion agency and ensure to create a YouTube channel which closely matches to your promotional requirements.Keywords, titles and descriptions will be specially crafted by our deft marketers for video promotion. When you choose WDH for the implementation of your YouTube video promotion, it means you are making a step ahead towards success. Whether you are dealing a commercial company or want to promote YouTube channel created for your own purpose, you will get it professionally with the assistance of our keen YouTube video marketing services. Our online marketing services have gained popularity in 70+ countries by digitally promoting 600 businesses. Our digital marketing specialists provide the engagement, likes, views, shares and conversions regarding your video to lead you to the right place.



Video Creation

We have wide knowledge about every editing and creaing techniques. We will help you in creating your video and if already have one and need some editing our team is always there to help you out.

Branding Watermark

Channels with annotations on their videos see an increase in engagement and subscribes . It allows viewers to easily subscribe to your channel when they hover over it . WDH will put a branding watermark to your every video which will stay with your videos when they are embedded outside of Youtube .

Custom Thumbnails

90% of the best performing videos on Youtube have visually intresting custom thumbnails that viewers want to click

Traffic Sources Report

Our team will provide you a report how are people finding your video ? We use Youtube Search Engine data to see the terms that people are using to find you and your content .

Annotation Report

Our team will provide you with a  annotation report which will tell are your viewers leaving your video too quickly or not ?  Click through rate should always be higher than your close through rate we will check the report and if they are  leaving early than we will rty to identify the reasons and will advice you what should be done.